Dearest Odyssians,

I am pleased to present another blog of Lee Jeffries’ black and white portraits of the homeless. This time, I have chosen to feature his works of homeless women and girls.

What emotions do you feel have been captured in these breathtaking photographs?

ive made some interesting observations about jeffries work and background that ill share here.

first; most of his photographs/subjects are labeled “untitled”, except for a few ( like latoria and liz that ive bookended the blog with). this “non label label” led me to wonder why lee jeffries had chosen such a presentation for his work? calling a work Untitled is different than giving a work no name at all/leaving a blank beneath the photo. so i will assume giving his works an “untitled” label is an intentional choice made by jeffries, not a post photo presentation requisite.  Does jeffries never learn the names of…

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